Oil Free oxygen booster gas compressor Industrial high pressure gas air compressor




Our company produced many kinds of the oil-free compressor, including an oil-free gas air compressor, oil-free gas compressor, including oxygen gas, nitrogen gas, hydrogen gas, natural gas, Argon gas, helium gas, Sf6 gas ects more than thirty kinds of gas medium, max pressure up to 40Mpa.

Our gas air compressor is total oil-free, does not use any lubricating oil, and the cylinder uses stainless steel material; the piston
ring is self-lubricated material; all of this guarantees oxygen is clean and no pollution. Compressor working speed is slow; usually, 200-400 rpm, to keep working do 24 hours heavy duty loading, this Oxygen compressor primary use for hospital oxygen supplier center, to increase oxygen supply line pressure to the room, also can boost oxygen, and filling to the cylinder, such as 15Mpa, 20Mpa. Also, our oxygen booster can use in Industrial acetylene cutting, cutting steel scrap in a steel factory, supporting Boiler oxygen combustion, recycle the cryogenic liquid oxygen tank vapor oxygen to the tank.

Normally, according to customer oxygen application conditions, our oxygen compressor has one pressure stage, two pressure stages, three pressure stages, four pressure stages, and five pressure stages by the cylinder have single, double, three, and four-cylinder.